September 3, 2014


Early this morning I lost my Godson, Joseph McDonough, in an off road ATV accident in NJ.  This "off roading", whether it be getting stuck in the mud in his full size lifted  Jeep Cherokee, riding the 3 wheeled "Big Red" or riding the quad he was on when the accident occurred, was one of the big passions in Joe's life.  He really took the passion that was ignited by his dad and intensified that light and made it an even bigger part of his life after his dad (my best friend) passed away just over ten years ago.
Joe was not only my Godson, but one of my best friends from the time his parents honored me by asking me to be his godfather to when as a child he  was able to tell us he only wanted “hot dogs” or that we were “making me mad”.   I was lucky to be able to watch much of  Joe growing  from a small child to a high school kid who lost his Dad far too early and into the young man who took seriously the fact that he had only one job and that was to take care of  his mom (The 1st and only LOVE of his life) and his sister.
 I Loved Joseph like my own son and know he knew that.
Joe was the type of kid/young man who when you met him your life was richer because you could tell right away that hat he was “one of those few” genuine “GOOD GUYS”!!
I ask anyone who takes the time to read this to take a moment and think of Joseph Francis McDonough, his mom, Diana McDonough, his sister Emmalee McDonough
Joe was only 27 years old... Dammit !!!!!

OCTOBER 1 1987 - SEPTEMBER 3, 2014

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