May 18, 2014

Ah Sunday ..

Sunday ..A day to to relax....oh wait never is the start date of "planting season" at our house. Of course first we'll go for a nice little 4 mile walk (walk for Jo & hobble behind my rollator for me LOL).. Then some shopping that we couldn't get accomplished in our 6 plus stops yesterday.  All while I try to keep up with lineups in my 14 fantasy baseball leagues.

Then we get to the "planting".  Annuals and perennials, herbs and more.  Where to put them .. "Oh no Andy that doesn't look right there. can't we move that 50 pound pot a little farther to the right?"  etc..."Yes ma'am" I reply.."can you turn up the game on the radio just a little so I can hear it?" I ask and so it goes for much of the afternoon ...Til the front is almost done.  "I'll finish up this week hon, it's supposed to be nice." I say  "OK, I'm worn out" 

Well what do you want for dinner?  "I don't know,".. What do you want?  ." I don't care"...oh well we'll figure something out..

Anyway HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYBODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and How about a nice little sweep of the Braves for the local Redbirds and maybe a 2 of 3 for the Orange & Blue..whaddya think Mr. Wheeler?

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