April 21, 2014

Beat Those Birds !!

As a lifelong Mets fan (Yes, I freely attest to my deeply set loyalty even whilst residing here in the midst of "Cardinal Nation) I usually only post this type of picture 6 or 7 times per season since what once was "THE" "heated" National League East rivalry of the 1980's between the St. Louis Cardinals and "my" then referred to as "Pond Scum" Mets has been relegated to a mere nondescript 6 or 7 game home & home inter division series.

Of course this is due in part to the divisional realignment that was set in place by MLB in 1994 and the introduction of the dreaded interleague play in 1997, but the on field performance and off field nonsense demonstrated by the Mets organization has further pushed the "rivalry" into the annals of baseball lore. .   

The "rivalry was been even further diminished since the 2006 "Blame Beltran Incident" has seen the New Yorkers become basically insignificant "pawns" in the Redbirds regular road to the post season schedule.

Often when attending one of the 50 or so Cards games here, with some form of Mets gear/attire in plain view, I'll receive a "Pond Scum" comment or 2, to which I simply laugh, shake my head and continue on my way while wishing I could stop and explain the feelings I expressed at the start of this. 

So as the Cards begin a four game set at New York's Citi Field starting tonight...
And the above being said, Let's GO Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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