April 8, 2014

Baseball's Back ...for me..

I make my return to Busch Stadium tonight for game 2 of the St. Louis Cardinals 2014 home schedule.  I have my own little policy of avoiding opening day games, weekends and Cubs games here since first off the ticket prices are higher and in my opinion the people that attend those games are more "non fans" (just there to say they were there), more drunks, (it's a party atmosphere, I go for the baseball), more kids (people bring their tiny children to the ballpark who have zero interest in the game) and the bigger crowds make it a bit tougher for me to navigate my way into and out of the park from the train.

It'll be the first of about 40 - 50 or so games I plan to attend this season. (It's MLB and I have great access to the ballpark and a wife who understands how important baseball is to me and is willing to drive 20 minutes to half an hour at 10-10:30 at night to pick me up)

I look forward to renewing the friendships I've made at the ballpark over the past 4 years and am eager to meet new fans and employees alike.

Living here in St. Louis and seeing how the local fan base pretty much has become accustomed to the team being competitive (aka,  being in the post season), while I don't root for the Cardinals to lose, I don't go overboard rooting for them to win although it has become tough not to become a fan for several reasons, not the least of which has been seeing that  their success has had a direct effect on the boost to the local economy and the development of what was a totally stagnant downtown when we moved here in 1990. 

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