October 9, 2013

Noisy Busch????

I'll be heading down to Busch Stadium tonight for the deciding game 5 of the Cardinals NLDS with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Much has been written and spoken about regarding the loud and rowdy crowds at PNC Park for games 3 and 4 of this series.  It'll be interesting to see if the self proclaimed "Best Fans in Baseball" here in St. Louis can match or exceed the enthusiasm shown in Pittsburgh .  Sure it's the Bucs first postseason appearance in decades and the fans finally have something to get excited about, but having attended about 50 regular season games here as well as the first 2 games sf this series, I've noted that, a) there have been more than a few empty seats at Busch, b)the crowds have been very late arriving, c) the noise level has been nowhere near that which appeared to pervade PNC and d) the fans I see are not those who've been at the ballyard all season long. 

I realize that the start times here have not been conducive to early fan arrival and I "get" that the postseason brings out all the "fair weather" fans who've stayed away all season but I can not understand how the "BFIB" do not sell out these games as soon as the tickets are available despite the "economic", "small market"  and start time excuses.

So, despite all my "whining" and "bitching" I'll be sporting Cardinal gear tonight since although I'm a die hard Mets fan and always will be, I will support the local club, and even though many say you can't be a real fan of more than one team, you can bet your ass that I'm a Cardinals fan.

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