August 30, 2013

CRUNCH TIME...for some

The Redbirds head into the Steel City holding a 1 game lead over the Pirates for a 3 game weekend series that will have some major ramifications in the race between the Reds, Bucs and Cardinals for the NL Central division title.  At this point it looks like the 2nd and third place finishers in the division will face each other in the National League's ridiculous one game game "play in" "Playoff game."

So this weekend looms huge for the Cards and Pirates while the Reds face the Rockies in Colorado before heading home for a series with St. Louis beginning Labor Day.

This is crunch time!!!

For some..
Other teams like the Mets continue to play out the string with the New Yorkers heading to DC to face the underachieving Nats, with the Mets sporting a, let's say  "youthful"  lineup..

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