June 18, 2013

Late Loss, The FUTURE Is HERE !!

Having stayed up till the wee hours of the morning (with @acesigma & @YaGottaBKiddnMe in Mets Chat) only to see a brilliant pitching effort from Dillon Gee WASTED,  Mets fans awake to the prospect  (get it "PROSPECT" ?) of seeing the 2 crown jewels of the organization take to the mound today in Atlanta.

Matt Harvey, who's already been exalted to the the thrown of staff ace (not by me, who thinks 24 games and 156 career MLB innings might just be a pretty small sample size to anoint a savior)will take his impressive 5-1 /2.04 ERA /0.91 WHIP and 102 strikeouts in 2013 to the hill in game 1 of today's double dip versus the Braves.

Zach Wheeler,  the 2009 6th overall draft pick acquired from the SF Giants in the deal that sent Carlos Beltran to the west coast will make his MLB debut in game 2.

The much ballyhooed Wheeler comes into the start "boasting" a 4-2 record in 12 starts at Triple A Las Vegas, with a solid (by PCL standards) 3.93 ERA and a WHIP of 1.282 along with 73 Ks in 68-2/3 innings. 

Maybe the fact that the club will be showcasing their "future" today in Atlanta will be enough to boost the teams "offensive morale" enough to provide the 2 with some semblance of support (assuming they pitch well enough to need it) and we fans will be able to look back on this day as a cornerstone to the franchise turning the page to a new era of success.


Good Luck to both of the Mets new breed of STUD!

Oh & As Always!!

Tonight I'll be a Busch watching Adam Wainwright try to continue what should be his All Star season while the Cards take on the Cubs trying to keep up their torrid pace and maintain their best record in baseball while keeping ahead of the Reds and Pirates in what is turning out to be a heated NL Central race.


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