April 12, 2013

The RECOVERY ..Good Start

As the Mets head into the Mini Apple for the dreaded start of the clubs’ 2013 inter league play to face the Twinkies in 35 degree weather, I took a quarter of a mile walk with my wonderful wife alongside less than 48 hours after a 3 hour plus lumbar laminectomy surgical procedure. 
When I decided to have this operation it was based significantly on my experiencing extreme numbness and burning in both of my legs following just a few minutes of standing or walking, including my non stroke right side. 
I’m excited to say that despite waking up with quite a bit of pain, that following this little walk in addition to standing around for about 10 minutes in the kitchen, I am experiencing none of the prior symptoms in my right leg. 
The surgeon has limited my exercise to walking as much as I can tolerate with no bending, lifting things over 10 pounds or twisting my back for at least the next few weeks so I’ll hopefully be up on the treadmill in our fitness center in the next few days and doing as much walking as I can rather than my previous routine of stationary biking for about 1-2 hours a day (30-40 miles) and about 200 – 300 sit-ups and various leg stretching exercises.
It will be a challenge to refrain from being as active as I’d been previously, but if this rehab plan will help get me back to where I was a few months into my stroke recovery..I’ll be ecstatic..
After all, I have an agenda, LOL, which includes numerous Cardinals games this summer including the Mets’ four game series here beginning May 13.

As Always ..

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