April 3, 2013

Mets , Cards & The Brain Initiative ..

After the St. Louis Cardinals whacked 3 homers in their first win of 2013, the Redbirds will turn to last year's surprising young hurler Lance Lynn tonight, looking for a series win in Arizona.  Meanwhile in New York, the Mets will hand the ball to one of the few Mets bright spots of 2012, Matt Harvey, as they look to go 2-0 on the new season at Cit Field.

BRAIN Initiative screenshot
Yesterday, President Obama announced a bold initiative that has the potential to transform stroke prevention, treatment and recovery. The president will deliver his budget to Congress soon. He announced that this budget proposal will include funding for a significant “space race-style” initiative to map the human brain.

 During his remarks, President Obama said:
As humans, we can identify galaxies light years away, we can study particles smaller than an atom. But we still haven’t unlocked the mystery of the three pounds of matter that sits between our ears. So, as a result, we’re still unable to cure diseases like Alzheimer’s or autism, or fully reverse the effects of a stroke.
The Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative is intended to “revolutionize our understanding of the human brain” so that researchers can “find new ways to treat, cure and even prevent brain disorders.” This would be accomplished by setting aside $100 million to fund the development and application of new technologies that would produce pictures of the brain showing how individual brain cells and complex neural circuits interact. This dramatically expanded understanding of the brain will undoubtedly advance stroke-related research.
National Stroke Association’s mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke. There is no better way to do that than to provide the researchers, scientists, healthcare professionals and others who work in the area of stroke research with a map of the human brain. While the president has added this initiative to his budget, Congress must still weigh in. The Stroke Advocacy Network will be following this issue and will provide you with easy ways to support the BRAIN Initiative as it’s debated in Congress. If you’re not already a member, join the network today and help ensure that this transformative research initiative becomes a reality!

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