April 18, 2013

1 week post op update!! (Like anybody gives a rat’s ass)

Following last Wednesday’s nearly 4 hour Lumbar Laminectomy (L3/L4, L4/L5)...

The intense, almost constant burning and numbness in my right leg is virtually GONE..(I was able to tell the difference almost immediately upon my waking up in recovery...Amazing).

Obviously the numbness in my left leg and left side in general can’t be alleviated (damn stroke) but I’ve been able to do quite a bit of unassisted walking (treadmill and outside) which I couldn’t even contemplate without the use of my rollator prior to the surgery.

My pedometer shows a daily average of just about two miles per day for the past 3 days.

I’ve been having a good bit of soreness and bruising in my lower back due the procedure and the fact that I’d not been really ”walking” without assistance, pre op, though I was putting in 30-40 mile/day on stationary bike (I never thought I’d miss the bike rides this much..LOL).

I’ve been able to cut back on the Norco (pain Meds) to where I’m only taking one every 8-10 hours.

It looks like the incision is healing well and I’ve been able to shower for the past 3 days (thank goodness for all around me).   By the way my wonderful wife has been great about helping me to “Hibicleanse” (provided by a good friend...You know who you are LOL) the area around the incision on my back and to take pictures so I can see just how nasty it all looks.  Kidding...it doesn’t look all that bad. Well maybe the bruising, but that’s all part of the healing I’m told.  

I’m looking forward to being released to do more exercising/stretching (I actually miss my physical therapy sessions) after my scheduled follow up visit (May 9) with the neurosurgeon.

I’m eating way too much as I’ve gained about 5 pounds since the operation and am eager to get back to sweating off this extra weight on the bike.

It wouldn’t hurt my psyche any if the Mets could possibly not lose many more games like the doubleheader sweep at the hands of the Rockies in snowy Denver on Tuesday.  WTF?

Anyway that’s about all...hoping to be able to get to Busch on May 1 and be fully ready for the Mets series here in St. Louis 5/13-5/16 and a full summer of “hard work” pool attending and trips to the ballpark...oh and my niece’s wedding in NJ during MLB All Star weekend in July. (I’d love to get some tickets for the All Star Fan Fest)

Oh, and in the meantime here’s hoping the Mets can salvage a win in frigid Denver and the Cards can get ANY offense against the Phils...

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