December 28, 2012

Meet Up !!

Tonight I will be attending the second annual of what I hope will be many more annual Holiday Mets chat pals (you know who you are!) Meet Up

 It’s an opportunity to meet and chat with, in person, some of the friends I’ve made via twitter and the Mets game chats that are held here at throughout the baseball season and throughout the year. It’s also a chance to prove to my wife and family that these “internet” friends really DO EXIST...LOL

I’ll be bringing along some family members and friends to meet my “baseball people” (as my wife calls them) to maximize the “face time” I can get with them during this short holiday visit/vacation. While I wish more of my chat pals could attend, many (& you know who you are!) will certainly be spoken of and in our thoughts throughout the evening

I really do cherish this time with all of my friends and family and am eagerly looking forward to tonight...we may even post some pix!!

Happy New Year to ALL!

As Always...LET’S GO METS!!

1 comment:

  1. I hope you are referring to me....have fun...wish I could be there too! =)


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