September 10, 2012

Bah... Chipper Sweep !! WTF??

Well it's a good thing football season is here as the Mets (and their lost manager) have apparently begun working harder on their fantasy football teams than the fundamentals which have been lacking for the past few years.

Larry Jones brought his Atlanta teammates into Cciti Field for a final curtain call which ended with the Mets being embarrassed once again in a 3 game sweep by the club which used to be known as a rival team that has now become the Mets' "DADDY" .

With 3 games left in Atlanta at the end of the month, the Braves currently hold a 10-5 record versus the New Yorkers. (NY Swept the Braves back in April..remember?)

Being outscored 17 - 5 in a series is bad enough but the Mets continued failures to move runners with even productive outs has reached almost unwatchable proportions.

With the likes of Andres Torres, Lucas Duda and even David Wright coming to the plate with runners on base in close game, these "hitters' time and again failed to put the ball in play , let alone reach safely or move runners along.

For an organization that has publicly "made a commitment" to fundamentals, it seems as those the comments are just more blathering from the top down.  

Things do not get much easier for this team as they face the NL best record Nationals in a series which could see the orange and blue fall further into oblivion as they strive to reach even 70 wins in this dismal 2012 campaign.

Don't look now Mets fans but the Marlins are a mere TWO games behind the Mets for 4th in the NL East


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