August 7, 2012

53-56 53 Games left ..28 WINS ?

The Mets need to win 28 of their remaining 53 games to finish at .500..  Can They?, Will They? 

Hmm.  at the risk of upsetting some (again)  I quite simply don't see this happening ...and any whispering of "sneaking" into the wild card postseason picture should be quelled immediately.

Between the continued poor fundamental play, inconsistent line ups, a shaky at best bullpen, continual strategic managerial mistakes, a less than advantageous schedule (although this has proven to be a non factor as the team has failed to capitalize against perceived "weaker" teams)  and allowing young "prospects" (Suspects?)  to get their feet wet at the big league level, I see the club winning between 18 and 22 games over this final 2 months of the 2012 campaign.

Hopefully I AM DEAD WRONG and we Mets fans will be watching the team play some meaningful late September games. .. (meaningful for the Mets not their opponents )


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