July 9, 2012

All Star Game 2012

So Tony LaRussa returns for a "swan song" after retirement following his leading the St. Louis Cardinals to an historic World Championship in 2011.

Despite all of his "tweaks" and innovations (Pitcher batting 8th) he's decided against naming Mets knucleballer extreme RA Dickey as the National League starter for the 2012 "Summer Classic".  Instead the NL skipper has stuck with tradition and selected the San Francisco Giants' Matt Cain (he of Perfect game fame) to take the ball on Tuesday night.

What fun it would have been to see Dickey throw that dipsy doodle first pitch all the way to the Kauffman Stadium backstop and watch Buster Posey trot after it.

While we've heard that TLR does indeed have a keen sense of humor, it would seem that "Commissioner Bud" doesn't want to make a "Further mockery" of the exhibition game that decides, ridiculously, which league gets home field advantage in the World Series.

Any way ..Enjoy the nonsense that the All Star Game and its surrounding events has become.

Following the 4 day break we'll see how the 46-40 Mets and Cardinals fare over the final 76 games of the 2012 campaign.

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