July 19, 2012

2nd Half Blahs....

Coming out of the All Star break hopes were high for a Mets run at the postseason. 

Having played played 5 games since returning from the break and having lost ...well, all of them (six in a row total going back before July 9) the gaping deficiencies in the team's bullpen and the lack of an everyday lineup has me quite befuddled.

Certainly, most Mets fans are thrilled to be a game above .500 in this 3rd week of July but based on the first half praise heaped upon manager Terry Collins equal blame must be meted out for the club's awful second half start.

While the bullpen's ineptitude and injuries to the closer can't be placed squarely upon TC's shoulders, he is the man who helped in selecting its make up.  (Hmm I seem to recall seeing Jason Isringhausen pitching pretty well in Los Angeles for the Angels)

It's become abundantly clear that this organization has no depth in the relief corps.  The repeated failures of the likes of Pedro Beato, Miguel Batista and Bobby Parnell point to the fact that this team is going nowhere without its starter providing complete games virtually every time through the rotation.  Sorry but using guys like Josh Edgin as stop gap arms just isn't going to result in too many positive results.

The line up which has seemingly been different everyday has little to no flow or cohesion.  David Wright's stellar All Star season notwithstanding the team continues to see little production form Ike Davis or any of the outfielders.  The constant in and out of the starting lineup of guys like Lucas Duda, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and Scott Hairston along with the second base debacle that has Daniel Murphy in and out like a yo yo has done nothing but muddy an already shaky situation.   Spot starts for role players are fine but the constant state of line up flux has been proven ineffective time and again. 

While many are compelled to make comments like "Jose Who"? when referring to Ruben Tejada's 2012 performance , the fact is the shortstop is really nothing more than a solid defender and slap singles hitter providing no speed threat at the top of the lineup while producing a meager 27 runs scored and a paltry 15 RBI.. ..

Here's to hoping that in this year of an added wild card postseason opportunity the Mets can right the ship and compete for one of those berths.


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