June 2, 2012

June 1, 2012 Mets 3 STARS..Obvious, I Think SO !

Of course the Mets FIRST ever no hitter had to be against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Being a tried and true DIE HARD New York Mets fan, quite simply I wasn't all that sure I'd get to see (or hear) a Mets no no in my lifetime.  Last night's performance from Johan Santana, with a little help from left fielder Mike Baxter and third base umpire Adrian Johnson put those fears to rest permanently.

The "NO JAN" effort was something that brought tears to many Mets fans' eyes (including mine). In fact I was nearly sobbing when I received a phone call from my "Yankee Fan" brother in law upon the recording of the final out.

The only detraction for me, albeit minute, is the fact that I was unable to see the finish live.  As some may know, I "work" as the attendant at our sub division pool a few days per week through the summer and last night was my night to "attend' to the pool.  Sure I had the game on both local radio (I complained that I had to listen to former Cards pitcher Ricky Horton who was filling in for St, Louis legend Mike Shannon on the KMOX broadcast) and the Mets feed (I also complained that I had to hear Jim Duquette filling in for Josh Lewin on the WFAN broadcast) on my laptop sitting poolside, but, since the game was being played by the local St. Louis club I was "blacked out" from watching the game on the computer and to be honest I really didn't think about going home or inside the clubhouse to watch history being made until it was too late.  I'm sure I'm not the only Mets fan who could not believe that this "monkey" would be lifted from the back of our beloved franchise, let alone against the defending World Series Champions in our Metsiess' 50th anniversary year by our comeback pitching ace .. .

I was able to hear the finale on radio and watched the condensed game later last night...  

Well ...That's Baseball .. and yet another memory that will forever be etched into the minds of Mets fans everywhere.

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