May 26, 2012

Let's Go Johan !! #Mets Fest & Some Congrats

Having spent the last 2 nights at Busch Stadium here in St. Louis watching the Cardinals bullpen perform like...well like I'm used to seeing the Mets perform I find myself extremely envious of my pals who are trekking out to Citi Field for what we call a "Mets Fest" celebration/Party....

I'll be spending my 1st Summer 2012 Saturday "working' at our community pool and watching/listening on my computer while Dave, Liz, Joni, Mary and some other of my faithful Mets friends enjoy a Johan Santana led charge from our Mets as they host the Padres after splitting the first 2 games of this weekend series.

More importantly I hope everyone takes a moment to think about what this MEMORIAL DAY "holiday" weekend is really about...

Enjoy the Rusty Staub Bobblehead guys!!

Oh and on a personal note ...Congrats to my friends Ken and Renee on becoming first time GRANDPARENTS!!!!  Renee's daughter Ashley (with a little help from her hubby Geoff) brought beautiful Lorelai Renee into the world yesterday.

And As Always 

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