March 23, 2012

Final Fours? Baseball Whores?

As the "amateur" athletic association known as the NCAA brings its basketball seasons to the cusp of their national championships, I am fully immersed in Fantasy Baseball drafts and eagerly looking forward to the ridiculous so called Major League Baseball "Opening Day" in Japan (?) next Wednesday.

While I certainly look forward to "Opening Day" every year, the nonsense in having 2 clubs (Seattle and Oakland) travel to Japan (playing games at 3 in the morning US time) while the rest of the franchises wait another week before beginning their quests for the World Series trophy is simply yet another example of the complete almighty "dollar whores" that professional sports have become.

Spreading the Gospel of baseball is wonderful, but I'm pretty sure Japan already knows about baseball.
Goodwill is terrific. Being ambassadors is nice. That’s what exhibitions are for...not real games.

Exhibition season is fine but let's keep it just that "exhibition".

Teams build and rely upon fan and brand loyalty by playing in the cities that have adopted them. Moving actual regular season games out of local venues in non emergency situations is a slap in the face of the fans and supporters of these teams. (In addition to taking money from the pockets of those who work in local stadiums).

I'm greedy...When MLB tells me that Opening Day is March 28 I want a full schedule of games (or I can accept the traditional 1st game being played in Cincinnati as it was for years).

Waiting a full week before games are played on our continent is an insult to the game and its rich history.

Oh and while we're at it...let's get rid of the damn Designated Hitter as well, oh and inter league play? Don't get me started.

Let's Go Mets!

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  1. I agree, those games and all regular season games; to include playoffs; belong to the respective baseball cities and their fans. That said, I love the World Baseball Classic, and I like when we send All-Star teams there. I'm all for that stuff. Just not at the expense of my regular season.


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