February 28, 2012

UNDERDOGS? Really? , Thanks for that!!

In the world’s largest city, purportedly host to the greatest sports fans in the world, the ownership of New York City’s national league baseball franchise has chosen this period of flux, both on and off the field, to proclaim the Mets as UNDERDOGS.

The Wilpons (aka ...ownership) have gone so far off the grid that they've provided ridiculous looking tee shirts for all the players and staff. This reportedly comes on the heels of manager Terry Collins mentioning to ownership that he likes his team’s underdog mentality.

The shirts actually look more like a horseshoe...More apropos would have been to turn it over signifying that all the luck has run out...

I have no real beef with ownership trying to inspire their holdings to higher achievements, but as a professional “Major League” baseball club, a public persona as UNDERDOGS is something for the players and fans to take upon themselves, not a proclamation to be made by management.

I fully understand that this club may not be very competitive, but as a fan who’s been through the ups and downs of the franchise for over 45 years this quite simply is downright “little league” nonsense.

Putting the additional UNDERDOG onus upon the club is not much more than a silly, inane little game being played by incompetent management.

Come on Bud Selig...Ya Gotta force these owners to sell this franchise before they make any more “Mickey Mouse” moves to further embarrass the franchise and Major League baseball as a whole.

Underdogs or not..Shut Up Fred and Gang!! Let's play Baseball!

As Always ...LET'S GO METS !!!!!

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