January 29, 2012

Football, Hockey and....BASEBALL..

Here I sit one week before “Hoodie’s Brady Bunch” gets its chance at revenge against “Eli’s Big Blue” in Indianapolis’ first ever big time winter party also known as Super Bowl XLVI ( that’s 46 right?).

Last weeks warm-up to “Sports Media Frenzy 2012” barely scratched the surface of what we’ll see and hear this week. From live coverage of the teams’ respective planes landing in Indy right up until the 6:37 PM (EST) kickoff next Sunday, this week promises to be the biggest Super Bowl pregame show EVER.

Despite not being the world’s biggest hockey fan, the NHL’s attempt to capitalize on the ”open” weekend in what is otherwise the NFL’s domain with their “All Star Pickup Game” I hope more than a few folks will take the time to watch a few minutes of what should be a display of pure “high flying” offense in Ottawa.

Of course the NFL couldn’t allow anyone or anything to distract from their incessant commercialization of their product so they’ve scheduled their annual “All Star” display of non football, known as the “Pro
Bowl” for today as well.

I’ll be torn deciding what to watch today, oh wait, No I won’t.

As a Mets fan living in St. Louis, I’ve been lucky enough to attend quite a few games at the home of the World Champion Cardinals and have been fortunate to become friends with a number of folks who work at the ballpark. A few of these have been gracious to include me as part of their annual off-season get together. They’re holding this “extravaganza” today in a south St. Louis Mexican restaurant. I’ll be thrilled to meet up with some of my friends from Busch Stadium, whom I haven’t seen since Game Seven of the World Series.

Sitting here listening to Mike Francesca on New York radio talk about the upcoming Super Bowl has me, as a long time Giants fan, eagerly looking forward to next weekend’s “Big Game” but in reality I look more forward to this afternoon and getting a taste of what I miss so much.



Damn, I miss BASEBALL!

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