November 10, 2011

Cover ups, Consciences, Consequences and Reputations…SILENCE

I sat down here to put my spin on the events surrounding the disgusting and heinous allegations leveled at an increasing number of people and “icons” who reside or have resided in the small town of State College, PA. The breaking news of the dismissal of a "legendary" coach and the top "educator" at the state university has certainly brought world focus upon the “college town” known as “Happy Valley”.

While the "support" of the coach has been seen through the eyes of the media through large student demonstrations evolving into riotous acts which are unfathomable, the story runs far deeper in scope and breadth.

I’ve decided that society as a whole needs to step back and take a look at its collective self and make a personal evaluation of their own lives rather than offer any “posturing points” based on what’s already been brought to light thus far.

My only observation is quite simply “Silence is not always GOLDEN”.

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