November 15, 2011

Cards "Pick" Mike Matheny as LaRussa Successor

I'll certainly miss all the intrigue and underlying stories that surrounded future Hall of Fame manager Tony LaRussa's tenure here in St. Louis and look forward to the new "regime" here in St. Louis.

It certainly was a quick process resulting in an interesting selection and you'd have to figure the new manager, former catcher and "all around good guy" Mike Matheny, will get plenty of leeway in taking over the World Champions.

But ....How will a 4 time Gold Glove Catcher translate into inexperienced Major League baseball manager?

We Shall See ..We shall indeed see....
and as the great Terrence Mann said.. "People will most definitely come"..

Thank Goodness Spring is just around the corner..well let's get through a glorious and healthy holiday season & may Cardinal Nation get a nice #5 under the tree or hopefully to give thanks for next Thursday !!!

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