October 17, 2011

Monday MLB Media Mess?

After waking Sunday morning following what I can only assume was a Jim Beam induced sleep following the Texas Rangers winning the American League pennant for the second consecutive season, I’d bet Ed Goren, David hill and the rest of the Fox Sports executives were fearing the worst as Sunday dawned.

Obviously these network “uppity ups” were already distraught at the loss of their “top market” Yankees and Phillies in this postseason and were now facing the possibility that the Milwaukee Brewers could very well battle back to tie the NLCS at 3 games apiece forcing a Monday Game seven against the St. Louis Cardinals where a Brewers win would pit 35th ranked media market, Milwaukee against the Rangers who represent the number 5 Dallas/Fort Worth market in a pairing that must have ranked as among the least desirable for the network and their advertisers.

Instead as the events unfolded at Miller Park last night resulting in a St. Louis 12-6 win and the Cards 18th National League pennant, Fox now gets the Dallas market along with the 21st ranked St. Louis market with its remarkably large regional drawing base which includes markets such as 45th Oklahoma City and number 56 Little Rock/Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

With St. Louis’ storied reputation as a “baseball town” and free agent to be Albert Pujols leading the way along with their 5 state geographic fan base facing the young, exciting Rangers as they return for a second straight World Series appearance it would seem that while sure there’s no “coastal glitz” or buzz from either coast, Fox should be able to generate decent if not acceptable ratings numbers.

Or I could of course just be na├»ve and the numbers will be horrible but either way as a cold weather front begins its descent upon St. Louis which should put Wednesday’s first pitch temperatures around 45 degrees let’s get this series started and …..

Go CARDS……………..

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