October 19, 2011

Dignitaries, Special Guests and a Prediction..

Before going to bed last night after searching one last time for tickets to Thursday’s World Series Game 2 on the various secondary market websites and directly from the Cardinals, I decided to check my e mail one last time.

After browsing through the usual nonsense of sale events and I came across a message from Cardinals.com titled, “Information Regarding Your World Series Game One Tickets”. Upon opening the message (hoping it wasn’t a virus...LOL) I was “provided” the following:

“Due to the attendance of dignitaries and special guests, security will be increased in and around Busch Stadium for Game One of the 2011 World Series. Fans entering the ballpark will be required to pass through security which will cause delays in getting to their seats.

MLB is offering the following tips to fans attending the game:

• Arrive early to allow for enough time to enter the park as you should expect long lines.
• Do not bring bottles or coolers of any kind into the ballpark. They will not be permitted.
• Do not bring anything that you would not be allowed to bring on a plane. The rules for what items you can bring into the ballpark will be the same as TSA restrictions which you can find at www.tsa.gov. Any items surrendered at the gates will not be returned.
• Please minimize items you bring into the stadium to speed up the inspection process

Well thanks for this ridiculous inconvenience, dignitaries and special guests.

As a fan who is on a fixed disability income and who is fortunate enough to be able to attend quite a few Cardinals games throughout the season and have also been lucky enough to attend all of the postseason games to date, I was and am beyond annoyed.

Quite simply for every game this season I’ve brought my own food and drinks into the stadium in lieu of spending $6 for a hot dog and $5 for a soda. In addition I bring my small netbook computer to conduct and participate in live game chats on my blog site.

Now I am pretty certain that I’ll still be able to bring my hot dogs and pretzels into the stadium tonight but am a bit peeved at the notion that some “Airport screener” will be rooting through my backpack looking for my “contraband” and that on top of the ridiculous fees charged just to buy a ticket to this game, I will be forced to purchase a drink or two or maybe I can fill up an empty cup I find in the trash with water from a restroom.

Well thanks for that.. “Dignitaries and Special Guests”…

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, at least until I get to the ballpark!!!

Onto the prediction…

I’ve been reading and listening to talking heads nationwide discussing this year’s fall classic with most if not all predicting that Nolan Ryan’s returning AL champion Rangers will take this World Series in 6 games or fewer.

I as one who’s followed the local “Birds on the Bat” pretty closely this season, can certainly see and rationalize those choices but (and there’s always a but), seeing how Tony LaRussa’s team has gelled over the past 6 weeks including their series victories over the heavily favored Phillies and the not so heavily favored Brewers and having attended most of the home games down the stretch, will go out on limb and predict that the Rangers will win, oh wait no, I have the Redbirds from the Gateway City, taking their eleventh World Championship in 6 games.

No dissertation just a feeling.

Anyway, I’d like to say Hello and welcome to the “Dignitaries and Special Guests” to our city and the limelight that surrounds baseball’s pinnacle moment. Why not come onto this grand stage and push your agenda, who doesn’t love politics and baseball? (I don’t)

I understand that the First Lady and Dr. Biden will be delivering a message directed at raising awareness to the plight of our veterans and of course, this is an extremely important issue, but (there we go again) these appearances at sporting events are in my opinion, politically motivated (especially as the presidential re election push begins) and the message could be far better broadcast via mainstream media.


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