October 18, 2011

Cardinal Nation: Where Y'all Been?

As a diehard baseball fan and an avowed New York Mets fan I can interestingly understand the mentality of fans leaping aboard the bandwagon of my “adopted” hometown St. Louis Cardinals World Series run.

As someone who is keenly aware of the impact of what is estimated to be $2.4 million in direct spending will bring to the Gateway City, I have been speaking and writing about how this improbable Cardinals run is extremely beneficial for the city.

While I certainly get the idea of civic pride and wanting to be part of the excitement that the national media spotlight brings to the city, I, as a baseball fan who attended 57 Cards home games this season (I just counted my used tickets) feel I have earned the right to cast a cynical eye toward the masses who’ve suddenly become “HUGE” Cards fans.

I also feel justified in taking this view following my attempts over the last 10 days to sell tickets to both the National League Division Series and the National League Championship series games here at Busch. I had no intention of breaking the bank but certainly expected to make the money back I paid for the tickets and enough to cover the cost of my own single ticket.

Certainly the economic woes of the area must be taken into account, but when I now see tickets for the World Series selling for at least 3 times their face value through secondary avenues such as Stub Hub and E Bay, I have to question the “loyalty” of these same “fans” who basically forced me to sell my NLDS and NLCS tickets at prices that didn’t allow me to even cover the costs I incurred in buying the tickets from the Cardinals.

I look forward to attending Game One here on Wednesday as I was able to procure a single Standing Room ticket from the Cardinals via a code sent to me for a mere $64.50 (after adding the “convenience fee” of $10 plus the “processing fee” of $4.50) and am somewhat disappointed at being basically financially locked out of acquiring a ticket for any other games based on the secondary market prices.

I have thought long and hard about selling my ticket, but family and friends continually remind me that while I was lucky enough to attend Games 2 and 4 of my beloved Mets 1986 World Series I may never have another opportunity to attend a part of the pinnacle of my favorite sport again in my life, so I will bundle up in the 40 degree temperatures on Wednesday and head downtown one last time this season to partake in the festivities of this 2011 Major League Baseball World Series Game 1 between the visiting American League Champion Texas Rangers and the hometown National League Champion Cardinals.

Of course as always I’ll be sporting some Mets gear (in fact all of my “cold weather” casual outerwear is Mets themed). So if there are any balls hit to the area near the foul side of the Cards bullpen, look for the guy in the Cards ski cap and Mets jacket.

Don’t get me wrong I was thrilled to be able to attend the five 2011 post season games as well as the regular season games for which I was able to purchase tickets at prices far, far below face value (No I don’t have a season package) but based on the crowds I saw all season long, from the cold and rain of April and May to the hotter than normal sweltering games in July and August here in St. Louis, I must ask…

Where have you “Cardinal Nation” been all season long?

Pictures taken August 24..

That said ... GO CARDS ...

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