September 6, 2011

Mets 3 Stars ..Cardinals Bitchng

From Monday's loss in Miami, Here Are:

Seeing and hearing more than a few St. Louis Cardinals players complaining about the shadows covering the Busch Stadium playing field is akin to "Sour Grapes" in my opinion. Both the Cards and Brewers were subjected to the same conditions, yet even the Redbirds' Albert Pujols was noted as saying he'd never seen anything like it in all his years playing in St. Louis.

While sure there are some differences in the shadows but uhh , Hello, you just played under the same basic "sun configuration" on Saturday as was present on Monday afternoon.

The complaints voiced by the Cards are those of a deflated/defeated team which really seems to appreciate the fact that many of them may not be back for 2012 in the Gateway City.

From the manager on down there is rampant speculation that Tony LaRussa may just pack in his "knowledge of steroid use tainted" Hall of Fame career or may take his skills elsewhere and may just tote his sure fire Hall of Fame first baseman with him.

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