August 10, 2011

3 Stars .. Adieu NJ

From Tuesday's comeback WIN over San Diego, Here are:

As I get ready for my return to St. Louis having attended just 1 Mets game during our “Mets Fest 2011: Summer Edition” vacation, I need to give a big thanks to those who offered to pick me up for Saturday’s game at Citi Field after my "friend" never showed up or called (still yet to hear a word). First for Mary, whom I should have taken up on her offer from the start, Liz who offered to come and get my sorry ass from Long Island and Beth who came out of left field and offered to get me even though she wasn’t even going to the game. THANKS !!!

I also appreciate the sentiments written by other folks who commented on Twitter that it was a shame that I missed the gathering. As I’ve said all weekend “My Mistake”. Hopefully I’ll get another chance in the near future to meet those I missed this time.

I was “smart” enough to go to Friday’s game and got to meet Christina and Dave which was important to me.

Enough of my nonsense, on to the Mets!

For 2 consecutive nights the New Yorkers gave the Padres leads that lasted into the eighth inning and were able to muster enough late offense to complete comebacks on both nights to bring the club back over the .500 mark on the season despite the losses of Daniel Murphy and Jose Reyes to injury over the weekend.

The team has shown great resiliency for much of the 2011 season and it was no more evident than in these last 2 wins albeit against the lowly Padres.

No more unlikely a hero than Lucas Duda was an integral part of both wins. (Speak up if you have evidence that you thought Duda would be a big part of the 2011 roster).

The Cards returned home for a big series with the Brewers and dropped the opener on Tuesday night in 10 innings as the St. Louis bullpen once again was exposed for its glaring inadequacies as new arrival Octavio Dotel allowed 2 runs after replacing Lance Lynn who left with yet another Cards injury.

The Mets win leaves them at 58-57 still 9 games back in the Wild Card chase while the Redbirds fell to 62-54, 4 back of Milwaukee in the Central and 5-1/2 games behind in the race for the NL’s final playoff spot.

The Redbirds continue their series with the Brewers tonight (I’ll be back in my usual Busch spot on Thursday night) while the Mets look to continue their Reyes-less winning ways hosting San Diego again.

Stop back here for Mets chat. (I should be en route home and will try to join via phone)

As Always...

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