July 23, 2011

THANKS & 3 Stars..

First off, let me give a HUGE Thanks to all who offered up good wishes yesterday as I "celebrated?" the 50th anniversary of my natural birth. Some may know that I am fortunate enough to celebrate my "stroke" birthday on February 28/March 1.

I'd like to truly thank any and all who posted greetings on Twitter and Facebook. I must take a second to express my appreciation to my pal Liz (who hounded many of my Twitter Mets fan friends into stopping in) and all those who stopped in forour Mets live game chat to join in the birthday party that turned into the Mets 50th win of this season, which just happens to be their 50th season of existence which coincidentally fell on my.... oh well you know the rest..

Enough of that...From Friday night's win in Miami over the Marlins, here are:

All that said..
AS Always...

Oh and the Cards beat the Pirates in Pittsburgh to move into a virtual tie with the Bucs, 1 game behind division leading Milwaukee. So...

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