July 12, 2011

Second Half Improvemenet or.......

Based on my ever “glass half empty” perspective on the Mets, I see little chance for second half improvement and obvious windows thrown wide open for rapid descent.

As I see it today, there are quite a few questions which are as big as or bigger than those facing us Mets fans at season’s start.

The new “regime” will be forced to first get something for Francisco Rodriguez before his 55 game incentive kicks in (Who’s going to be the closer should the need actually arise in the 2nd half?)

Can Carlos Beltran continue to make me stare with unbridled awe as he plays every day and produces like the Beltran of 5 years ago and how will his numbers look playing his home games in Fenway or AT&T Park?. After his departure who will attempt to man right field? Willie Harris, Scott Hairston, Fernando Martinez, Nick Evans….Come On Man…or will the Giants give the Mets Pat Burrell or Boston send us JD Drew……Come On Man.

With the second base debacle seemingly over with the emergence of Justin Turner, can he be expected to be nearly as productive as we saw in May (he’s dropped from 20 RBI in May to 12 in June to just 2 thus far in July)?

Despite his detractors, Daniel Murphy has performed more than adequately in filling in at 1st base, 2nd base and 3rd Base, committing just 8 total errors (4 @3B , 2 ea @ 2B , 1B) while posting a .305 AVG, .386 OBP, 5 HR, 35 R, 36 RBI in 305 ABs, solid numbers for a utility player on any team.

When/If David Wright and Ike Davis return will Murphy’s lack of ABs affect him negatively?

Then there’s the shortstop Jose Reyes…ah Jose….with the Mets well chronicled history of disastrous injury diagnoses, hopefully we’ll see a fully recovered, non tentative, happy Jose return to the form he showed through most of the first half as he plays out his contract looking toward a huge free agent payday which with any luck will include the Mets making him an equitable offer to go along with what most are hoping will be a home town discount that will see Reyes return to Queens for the next 6 years or so.

In the meantime Ruben Tejada has shown some remarkable plate coverage and even a little pop offensively while making all the plays in the field making him the defacto replacement should Reyes depart via the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ route..

The starting pitching has proven to be remarkably consistent and there’s no reason to think it will diminish markedly while middle relief implosions must be avoided in the second half.

If nothing else, the biggest first half highlight may well have been seeing the Mets blast 2 grand slams in one game. (Remarkably including the flop known as Jason Bay)

I will be as always tuned into every Mets game with my friends in the chat on my blog page and will as always live and die with every roller coaster win or loss the second half of the 2011 season will bring.


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