July 27, 2011

3 Stars...Incompetence AGAIN

As the Mets go for their 10th road series win (after failing in New York and Florida) in Cincinnati following Tuesday’s second straight win over the Reds, here are:

Damn..Time and Again...

By now most baseball fans have seen or heard of the horrible game ending “SAFE” call made in the bottom of the 19th inning of last night’s game in Atlanta between the Braves and Pirates.

Having actually stayed up to watch this game after arriving home from the Redbirds win over Houston here in St. Louis, (which coincidentally included a replay review of Albert Pujols’ first inning homer) It has been evident through countless media releases that home plate umpire Jerry Meals completely and inexcusably missed the call at home in which he called the Braves Julio Lugo safe when it appeared to me that he was tagged at least twice before ever reaching the plate.

This latest edition of MLB umpire ineptitude obviously will lead to a call for replay on every close call. I have no issue with going to a system that gets the call correct but fear Uncle bud Selig and his “old boys’ network of owners will be fearful of extending games which are already too long due to things such as micro managing (see Tony LaRussa in St. Louis) and unenforced rules regarding pitchers time allotted between pitches.

Regardless of any possible replay implementation the arrogant self righteous attitudes projected by MLB umpires and their union must be smacked in the face rather than slapped on the wrist in disciplining incompetent umpires and crews.

This is hardly the first time Jerry Meals abilities have been brought into question as he and 2 of his henchmen (Dale Scott and Dan Iassogna) from last night’s fiasco were the “unwelcome showcases” in a 2010 situation http://bit.ly/p1qvmw...

Anyway...As Always stop back here for Mets Live In Game Chat & Of Course …

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