June 7, 2011

MLB Draft Over Done ,,Road Trips, More Medical Mess for Mets

As enticing as it may be to discuss, dissect and pore over the "possibilities" for the future of the Mets and their draft selections, the present issues of the team and its immediate future are far more pressing.

While MLB and the money grubbing whores who run this “sport” (i.e. TV, media) want us all to become frenetic regarding their amateur draft, quite simply it cannot and never will compare to the showcases put on by the NFL or even the garage leagues like the NHL and NBA.

The fact that collegiate or even high school (or in the case of the Mets American Legion) players have virtually ZERO impact on the clubs that select them in the draft with in the first 2 to 3 years compared to the multi millionaires who are drafted into the NFL and NBA makes this MLB production simply a self aggrandizing attempt to draw fans to an ever dwindling over priced “sport” and generate even more inane talk among media talking heads on sports radio and countless blogs.

I who am a rather active participant on Twitter spent most of last night ignoring the social media that was “bombarded” with an endless stream of somebody drafted this kid or that kid followed by the “analysis” by fools who have little to no insight into a player’s potential other than what they’ve read or heard from scouts and MLB propagandizing executives. Instead I enjoyed listening to radio broadcasts of both the Buffalo Bison and Memphis Redbirds respective games on MILB.com in addition to watching the limited big league schedule on MLB.TV and Extra Innings. (I did offer up a few tweets about the insanity of the draft coverage).

The incessant coverage of the draft did help the Mets keep the wolves at bay regarding the continued nonsense regarding the team’s medical staff and their continued foibles in diagnosing and providing prognoses as to the status’ of injured stars David Wright (now not expected back before mid July based on an exam performed without the “need” for new x rays..Huh?) And Ike Davis. Additionally the early reported status of “he shouldn’t miss much more than a game” voiced by the manager in respect to Carlos Beltran was apparently “upgraded” to “he was really hurt, dizzy and nauseous” and asked out of Sunday night’s game after fouling a pitch off his shin and will now probably miss more than a day or two.

As we get back to the “business” of baseball for the Mets and the Cardinals, both clubs head out on road trips in the midwest with Chris Capuano taking the ball in Milwaukee as the team tries to build on its recently completed winning home stand against a very good Brewers team, while the Cardinals head for Houston with Jake Westbrook taking the hill looking for more support from the now red hot Albert Pujols and company against the NL Central cellar dwelling Astros...


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