June 2, 2011

3 Stars.. Veteran Presence

From Wednesday loss , AGAIN, to the Pirates here are....

Time to move on from "Veteran Presence"

I think I've previously stated my case regarding the likes of Harris and Hairston in this forum. The continued use of these "veteran presence" has been nothing more than utter failure time and again. The lack of “responsibility taken by Harris last night is outright demeaning to the fans and the team in general

If management is on course to reduce the team payroll it's time to let these 2 have their walking papers and just hope some other team is in more desperate straits (hard to fathom...see Luis Castillo) to pick up one or both to suck up some of the guaranteed money due them for the balance of this season.

A commitment to the kids, at least until the returns of Wright and Davis would seem to be a stepping stone on the path of what looks to be the Mets future plan to be seen as a "fiscally responsible" organization.

There are probably a few options out there such as Jose Lopez (though the team will continue to be reluctant to add salary) who could probably bring a bit more stability to the fluctuations of this line up as it's presented daily by the manager who in my opinion is in way over his head. This was never more apparent than last night when he responded to questions in the post game press conference with answers like, “I don't know the answers", "If I knew we'd fix it" and "These are major leaguers who should be able to execute". While he showed some level of disgust and did get somewhat testy with some of the questions it would seem to me that the organizations talent evaluators need to be re evaluated if these are the best "major leaguers" they can provide for the manager to put on the field on a daily basis.

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