June 3, 2011

3 Stars, Comeback, Nacho Bitch Slap, Cubs vs Cards

From Thursday Afternoon's second greatest
comeback win in team history, here are :

After sitting next to a somewhat boisterous (loaded/stoned?), yet knowledgeable and friendly enough SF Giants fan who somehow managed to get his hands on handicapped accessible seats for the last 2 nights for a pair of tough Cardinals losses, I take solace in yesterday’s Mets greatest comeback victory since 2000.

Watching the Mets and Pirates before heading to the ballpark last night I sat dejected for a good part of the afternoon until the Pirates began exhibiting Met like tendencies and managed to blow a 7-0 lead. After the Mets took a 9-7 lead aided by the Pirates pitching implosion, going into the Pirates top of the ninth, closer Francisco Rodriguez once again allowed a run yet managed to get the final out of the game with the tying run on base as he continues his incentive climb to finishing 55 games this year.

The Mets will host a banged up Braves team (Jason Heyward, Nate McLouth) this weekend with hopes of more consistency following the 4 game split with the Pirates which saw more than a few odd/questionable managerial decisions from Terry Collins and a breakout of sorts from young Ruben Tejada.

In St. Louis the Cardinals saw the light hitting Giants take 3 of 4 with Aubrey Huff topping a 6 RBI night from lackadaisical centerfielder Colby Rasmus with a 3 homer Thursday night. Rasmus continues to show signs of being a dominant type player but far too often exhibits play such as last night’s “give up” attitude on a double in the gap that he should have at least made an attempt to catch. When opposing fans get on the home town player for lack of effort, there’s something wrong.

The last 2 nights also saw the stadium lights go out in the 11th inning of Wednesday’s game for 16 minutes only to come back on for a single final pitch of the game from the Giants Brian Wilson, a fight in the right field bleachers earlier on Wednesday night which has now been called the “Nachos Bitch Slap Brawl” as a Cardinals fan took offense at another fan saying that Redbirds right fielder Lance Berkman “Sucked” the home town fan then allegedly took a plate of nachos off the lap of an innocent fan sitting next to him and threw it in the face of the “offensive” fan from which a heated fight broke out ending in one fan being taken out in handcuffs. Kudos to my pal, Mike, a right field bleacher usher, for keeping the parties separated until the police officer arrived.

The Cards welcome the Chicago Cubs in for a weekend series that always draw big crowds. The tension and drunk levels will undoubtedly rise at Busch this weekend for this storied rivalry despite the Cubs current lowly spot in the standings as temperatures here in the Gateway City are expected to be in the mid to upper nineties thru Monday.

I'll be poolside .."WORKING"..LOL

Stop back for Mets Game Chat all weekend long.

AS Always

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