June 13, 2011

3 Stars ..Climbing Back to .500..Swept

Following Sunday's win at Pittsburgh her are :

Mets Climbing Back to .500..Redbirds Look to lick their Wounds

Following a week that saw the Mets win 5 of seven games on the road and climbing once again to within 1 game of .500, the St. Louis Cardinals went from sweeping the Cubs at Busch last weekend and taking 2 of 3 from the Astros in Houston to getting swept into 2nd place in the NL Central by the Brewers in Milwaukee over this past weekend.

First the Mets continue to get solid starting pitching from the likes of Jon Niese, RA Dickey, Chris Capuano and rookie Dillon Gee and some amazingly timely hitting from the on a mission free agent to be, Jose Reyes along with his fellow on the way out free agent to be Carlos Beltran along with some fairly consistent production from Justin Turner, Daniel Murphy and even Ruben Tejada.

At this point in the season the losses of David Wright and Ike Davis have been compensated for by this remarkable combination of young players who were barely on the Mets big league radar on opening day. The continued inexplicable continued demise of Jason Bay has been met by fans calling for his demotion to the minors and the manager “giving him the day off” on more than one occasion.

New York heads into Monday night’s series finale in Pittsburgh with a chance to climb back to even before heading to Atlanta for a series against what has been a banged up Braves squad that has continued to win (8 of their last 10) despite the losses of Jason Heyward (Who may return sometime this week) and now Martin Prado. The Mets are set to send their most recent hot trio of starters in Niese, Gee and Dickey to the hill in what I hope will prove to be a positive early season defining series in the NL East.

The Cardinals meanwhile will head to Washington on Tuesday for a series against the Nationals with hopes of getting back on track following their scoring just 6 runs in the 3 game series loss to the Brewers who, if it’s any solace, hold MLB’s best home record at 25-9.

The Redbirds starters while unspectacular were afforded little offense by a team that had scored 50 runs in the 10 games prior to the weekend in Milwaukee.

Lance Berkman continued his surprising early season offensive explosion with his only hit in Milwaukee being a HR (his 5th in 5 games) while the team hopes to see the return of Matt Holliday in the next week as the Royals come into Busch next weekend for another I 70 series of inter league nonsense.

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