May 26, 2011

Wet, Windy City ..Sale ..3 Stars..

On Wednes night at a foggy, rainy, cold Wrigley Field in Chicago, Mets starter Dillon Gee gave up four first inning runs to the Cubs but the Northsiders' pitchers were kind enough to give those runs back and more including 3 consecutive walks on 12 pitches from Justin Berg in the Mets second inning giving the New Yorkers a lead they'd hold until the umpires decided to call it a completed game upon the conclusion of the Mets half of the 7th inning. The 7-4 victory makes today's scheduled matinee yet another chance for the Mets to win a series on the road.

From last night's rain shortened win here are ...

Breaking News ???? As we learned this morning the Mets ownership group has accepted a limited partnership contribution of $200 million from a Brewers fan who once wore a home made Mets uniform as a Halloween costume in the 1970's....

Stop back for Mets Cubs Live In Game Chat ..and all Memorial Day weekend when the Mets return home to face the Phillies as I'll be coming to you from my pool attendant position starting Friday....

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