May 4, 2011

Ushering Is Dangerous Work!!

Look out Lisa!

Those words were undoubtedly shouted last night at one of my favorite ushers at Busch Stadium.

Lisa who plays an elementary school teacher by day is one of the ushers I’ve been privileged to meet and call a friend over the past few years at St. Louis’ ballpark.

While I’m sitting in “my spot” before most weekday home games I’m usually slightly startled by a from behind hug from Lisa who usually then has some, let’s call it “enlightening” tidbit about the “wonderful” children she gets to interact with daily as an “Illinois Educator/Warrior”.

She, Bob and sometimes young “Mikey” usually man the stairway along the Cardinals bullpen toward the right field line. This usually entails shooing away youngsters (and oldsters) eager to get a glimpse or photo into the Cards bullpen and chatting amiably with the regulars.

On Tuesday night, I was sitting n my “Sports Room” with the Cards game on the big TV and the NHL playoff game on the smaller set watching the end of the Cards vs. Marlins game after watching my Mets lose yet another one run game. I was continuing my usual “Twitter Bashing” of Rick Horton and his announcing skills (or lack thereof) when I started paying more attention as the Redbirds, trailing 5-4 as they came to bat in the seventh inning, had managed to put two runners on with one out when Yadier Molina came to the plate. Molina proceeded to bounce back to the pitcher who threw home to nail Lance Berkman trying to score the tying run. Now with 2 outs the Marlins replaced the pitcher Ryan Webb with their regular set up man Clay Hensley to face young Cards infielder Daniel DeScalso. DeScalso then turned on a 1 strike changeup, driving the ball into the right field stands just to the right of the Cards bullpen for a three run homer giving the Redbirds a 7-5 lead that would prove to be the final score.

Looking at the replay and then rewinding it a few times on the DVR I noticed my friend Lisa (“guarding” the folks in Section 127) nearly getting hit with the ball and then anxiously getting out of the way of the scrum of fans attempting to retrieve the ball.

I, on my couch caught myself laughing out loud at this scene and then kicking myself for not going to last night’s game where I could have witnessed this “hilarious” (after the fact that she didn’t get hurt) sequence of events.

I’ll be there tonight to have some good natured fun with Lisa and my other usher “pals” who I hope have a chance to read this and see the pictures below. Not to mention my hope that some of her students will also see this….

Who knew “Ushering” could be such dangerous work?

The Cards continue their homestand tonight with ace Chris Carpenter hoping to get on track against the Marlins and my Mets hosting “Little Timmie Hippie” Lincecum and the Giants.

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