May 16, 2011

Morneau or Murph..Fantasy Woes..

As we head into the final couple of series before the first batch of 2011 MLB money grubbing nonsense known as inter-league play begins, I have one disturbing fantasy baseball related question.

Having been active in fantasy sports for quite a few years now, especially in baseball, I’m often befuddled by the performance or lack thereof by established players/stars.

My teams have been pretty good thus far as we sit 8 weeks into the 2011 campaign, with my 14 teams in head to head leagues compiling 12 wins against two losses this week.

Like just about any other fantasy player who manages multiple teams, my squads all have some players in common. Among these are my “owning” both the Giants’ Buster Posey and the Tigers’ Victor Martinez on about 8 of my teams. This “luxury” kicked me in the proverbial rear end yesterday when both teams games were rained out leaving me with either an empty catching lineup spot or filling it with another common theme on many of my teams which was my acquiring one Jorge Posada, who, despite hitting below the Mendoza line for much of the season qualifies as a catcher and the fact that he has been the Yanks primary DH (until Saturday night when the latest Yankee fiasco erupted as Posada supposed begged out of the line up after seeing he was penciled in to hit 9th against Boston) combined with the obvious chances he gets for production numbers has kept him on most of my rosters.

Another common feature of my teams is the inclusion of the established star first baseman of the Minnesota Twins, Justin Morneau. Morneau, the back half of the vaunted M & M boys in the Twins lineup along with hometown star catcher Joe Mauer, has struggled mightily in the production area thus far in 2011. I understand he’s coming off multiple injuries (including back and concussion related issues) and that his buddy Mauer has been sidelined for over a month now but the fact that he’s seemingly healthy and playing every day yet putting up meager number to date scares me. What to do with Morneau.

This in a roundabout way brings me back to my question.

Who among the legions of fantasy freaks and baseball fans in general could, should or would have thought that on May 16 of this season, the Mets fill in 1st baseman/2nd baseman, Daniel Murphy, in 36 games would post a batting average of .248 with 3 homers and 12 runs driven in, while Morneau in 33 games has hit a weak .228 with just a single home run and only 10 RBI??????????

Who? I ask…… (Not you Christina...LOL)

Enough of my fantasy woes and wonderment.

Fresh off winning 7 of their last 10 games (I’m with Keith Hernandez when he said on yesterday’s telecast, “.700 baseball, I’ll take it.”) the Mets host the Marlins and stud fireballer Josh Johnson for 2 games and then the Nationals for a pair prior to the first 2011 rendition of the Subway Series against the Yankees with 3 games next weekend in the Bronx.

While the Mets road trip through Colorado and Houston ended with the club on a great note heading home, the club that plays its home games at Busch Stadium here in St. Louis was swept by their new “rival” Cincinnati, in a three game series that saw the Reds at their rambunctious worst while they taunted the Redbirds and basically concluded with Reds closer Francisco Cordero nailing Albert Pujols before closing out the finale Sunday while jawing at a confrontationally reluctant Cardinals team taking no action.

St. Louis will host the NL East leading Phillies who’ll throw 2 of their Big 4 aces in Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt in the quick two game set before the Astros come to town prior to the Cards heading down Interstate 70 for a weekend inter league series with the cross state Kansas City Royals.


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