May 24, 2011

Messy Mets

As the Mets head into the Windy City for a 3 game set against the Cubbies, once again the franchise is being spoken and written about as the joke of Major League Baseball.

Fred Wilpon’s comments are driving talk radio in NY and throughout the baseball world. His negative thoughts, described in the New Yorker article are really nothing more than has been discussed ad nauseum here and on countless blogs, talk shows and barstools. A this point it would seem obvious that the current ownership group must sell to any buyer willing to invest real money in order to keep the club a “big market” entity. The constant rumors of numerous potential suitors who have “made” their money in the finance world are scarier than the current state of flux the Mets find themselves in. A new owner must be a deep pocketed, solvent multi billionaire who’ll not need to use leverage or loans to buy the club. (I mean the whole franchise, not this nonsensical idea that the Wilpons are floating about selling less than half).

I read the latest news about the Mets as a sign of a rapidly sinking ship that has neither the capital nor intention to keep this team a top tiered salary level ball club.

As fans throughout the country debate the ability of the Cardinals here in St. Louis to resign Albert Pujols, at least the team and its ownership are not the continued butt of jokes and conversation. The Mets at this point would seem to have no chance of keeping the franchise shortstop whether he is gone in a trade deadline deal for some prospects or for nothing after the season as a free agent. The Mets aren’t and can’t be considered in the same breath with the Cardinals when talking heads mention that maybe Reyes would accept a hometown discount to stay in New York while the idea is not only conceivable but quite probable relating to Pujols and St. Louis.

This Mets ownership mess continues to be the focal point which quite frankly pisses me off. I love Baseball and the Mets. I hope that the team’s on field performance doesn’t suffer in any manner, whether it be Carlos Beltran sulking or coming up with yet another sidelining injury or Mike Pelfrey continuing to speak his mind and finds himself gone. Truthfully winning 22 of these first 46 games has been quite an accomplishment. And while we know the replacements have performed admirably I look at this situation as one in which we just wait for the other shoe to drop and see an all out tailspin.

Enough negativity...The Redbirds got a rare (recently) Homer from Pujols and solid pitching from Kyle Lohse to open their series against former Card Ryan Ludwick (who was robbed of a homer on a fine leaping catch from center fielder Colby Rasmus, who by the way doesn’t seem to do as well on diving catches.) and the Padres in San Diego.

Here’s to hoping our pal Kasey has a great time in Chicago even without her beloved Ducky Wright in the Mets lineup as he continues having his back fracture evaluated in California.


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