May 10, 2011

Hate or Boredom ?

Hate or Boredom?

A few Mets fans and I spent a good part of last night’s game against Colorado reading inane comments from a few (or maybe just 1) guests to our every game chat which I host here on my blog site..

The chat is basically an open forum to discuss the events of the game being played as well as some friendly banter between those of us who’ve become “friends” over the past few years as a result of these “events”.

I post messages on Twitter to invite any and all to participate in these chats. Over the past 2 years we’ve welcomed fans of other teams who just want to gloat about how bad the Mets are and to generally participate in cordial back and forth commentary with few instances of “hate”.

This blog is obviously not a professionally produced, income generating tool for me and I have no intention of making it such. I host chats for Mets baseball games and for a network of stroke survivors and advocates in an effort to provide a more interactive place to network, communicate and …commiserate (Mets Fans). We usually have a good time. (Even after the far too often frustrating Mets losses)

Last night was different….

The chat is open for anyone to participate via a guest sign in or use of Twitter, Facebook and Chatroll account user sign ins.

A few people or maybe just 1 person joined the chat which had about 8 regulars discussing the game and life. These “guests” proceeded to bash the website design and me personally. Long drawn out lead ins to joke/attack comments led to several of the regulars asking that the “guest” be blocked. As the moderator I feel that as long as none of the other folks participating in the chat are attacked and the language used is not overly offensive, I have no problem with it.

That said as I caught up on a few other games and thought more about what had transpired, I couldn’t help but wonder why someone would take the time to click on the link to my site and sign in (once as an acknowledged Met hater) as a chat participant and let us know that they’d found the chat via Twitter and be welcomed in only to start attacking me and the simplistic design of the page.

I thought about any “enemies” I may have made over the years via my twitter posts and couldn’t come up with any who’d stoop to such levels...I initially thought it was one of the regulars just goofing with me but found that to not be the case..

I now more often than not give people the benefit of the doubt (to the dismay of some) and can’t think of anyone who actually “Hates” me or would spend so much time wasting our time, so…

I simply must write it off as unadulterated BOREDOM… that I’ve aired my thoughts, I look forward to tonight’s Mets game and the chat that will again be provided here.

As for last night’s game, I apparently am in the minority in that Terry Collins allowing Chris Capuano(who was indeed pitching well) to bat with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the 6th inning was extremely poor managing.

The manager at any level must know that while baseball games are most often won with pitching and defense, the trends of a team must dictate the actions taken by the manager. The Mets have a horrid RISP conversion percentage and simply sending up a pitcher in that situation was inexcusable.

Sure Collins can point to the fact that his pinch batters have been putrid all season, but quite simply they are “batters”, not pitchers.

On a bright note, had the Mets not played and lost all 5 games against the Rockies thus far...The Mets could be a .500 team right now.

Oh well, the Mets continue the series with the Rockies tonight as Mike Pelfrey, off one of his best performances of the season takes the ball against Jason Hammel.

The local Cardinals open a series in Chicago against the hated Cubs with Chris Carpenter trying to match the recent string of outstanding Redbirds starting pitching performances against the ever volatile Carlos Zambrano as the Cards manager continues to deal with the viral infection that has been wreaking havoc on his system as of late.


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