May 13, 2011

Beltran: I Was Wrong ..So Far... Volume 1..

Carlos Beltran is doing everything he can in an effort to make me eat some crow. Of course he’s doing it for my benefit; it’s all about me you know.

I was and continue to be skeptical of Beltran’s commitment to the Mets and still truly believe that his moving to right field to “help the team” was simply doing what’s best for Carlos Beltran and his quest to extend his baseball life.

Beltran’s appearance in the Mets lineup just about every day is a stunning development to me who sees him as player who’ll not attempt to play if he doesn’t feel 100% healthy. The production numbers are an unexpected but gratefully welcomed bonus to a ball club which has struggled mightily in driving n runs and has seen the recent injury to first baseman Ike Davis severely decimate the team’s primary source of consistent production.

The unbelievable 3 home run power display that Beltran put on yesterday was remarkable (only 7 other Mets in the nearly 50 years of franchise history have accomplished such a feat).

I thus was “inspired to offer up a quick tribute to the right fielder and issue my first of what I hope will be many “crow eating” commentaries before the eventual departure of Beltran via trade or off season free agency.

As for the Mets, they see themselves on a 2 game winning streak heading to Houston to face a pretty weak Astros club

While in Ohio, the St. Louis Cardinals, fresh off taking 2 of 3 from the Cubs in the Windy CIty (including Chris Carpenter;s first win of 2011 and the continued dominance of young lefty Jaime Garcia)travel to face relatively new rival Cincinnati in what should be a big weekend considering how the clubs have looked upon each other following last season's all out brawl which saw Red's pitcher Johnny Cueto kicking several Cardinals players and this season with the continued goding of the Redbirds from Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips.

So As Always ..

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