April 19, 2011

Welcome to the Grand Delusion ...

Fat, Drunk and delusional is no way to root for the Mets. Or maybe it is…hmmm.

Mets fans and media are all over the place regarding the state of the ballclub.

Talking/writing heads are posting about the Mets being DOA and others are projecting scenarios of playoff possibilities for the 2011 Mets.

I have and always will be first and foremost a Mets fan. A realistic and hopeful one at that.

I admire those “Always look on the bright side of life” fans who proclaim that if the club get the “breaks” they can compete for a Wild Card playoff spot but looking to this next homestand and stretch of games with the outlook and impression of “These are teams that we know the Mets are better than.” Is fairy tale like? You must have been passed out when the Mets dropped 2 of 3, AT HOME, to the “lowly” Nationals and obviously discard the doubleheader sweepings of last week as merely “stepping stones of character building” failures.

Bring on the Astros, D Backs and Nationals you say…

Pass the Kool Aid please. Praying for breaks is somewhat troubling though

Since “Saldy” admitted that “fan reaction” played into his releasing Perez and Castillo, I now realize that fans’ negative or realistic outlooks for the team must have some impact on how the team performs. Or so your “positive” comments would appear to be inspirationally indicative to that end.

I’m as pie in sky optimistic as any Mets fan but we need to have some idea of where the ground actually is or we’ll continue this freefall into the abyss of MLB insignificance.

I guess we should also point to Pelfrey’s new “Mental Coach” alliance in addition to the hope for a return to 2009 form from the hopefully soon returning Bay as well as the juggling of the lineup as signs of some improvement for the near future.

As I continue to spin my “negativity’ I also would hate to mention the continued ridiculously poor fundamental physical and mental mistakes being made in game after game. These glaring failures would be almost understandable if we fans hadn’t been force fed the sugar coated cookie crumbs offered to us by management as they promised “a better atmosphere” with the focus on fundamentally sound baseball.

The fact that the organization has limited funds and the new General Manager knew this coming in should have led the team in a marketing direction that other “small market” inconsequential teams put forward. One that promises a focus on development and building, not performing fire drill exercises to fill holes with the cheap signings of Willie Harris, Scott Hairston and the two Chris’s (Young and Capuano).

Three weeks into the 2011 campaign, I’ve seen enough of Willie Harris and Scott Hairston trying to be everyday players (these guys were role players for a reason) and we’ve now seen the flash of light in Young’s nice start extinguished by his first trek to the DL as a Met. If Jason Bay is unable to return by Thursday as is currently forecasted, I’d rather see Nick Evans man left field

This franchise needs to be sold as soon as possible. The handcuffs in place due to ownership’s financial failings are cutting off the circulation to the brains of the Mets “Brain Trust”

Too negative? Nah just too realistic.

As the Mets look to get this homestand off to a good start hosting the Astros at Citi Field in the first of a six game stretch that sees them hosting the Diamondbacks for three games over the weekend as well, I’ll be at Busch for the Cardinals opener of a six game home stand of their own with 3 against the Nationals before division rival Cincinnati comes to St. Louis for 3 games over the weekend.

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