April 25, 2011

Rain, The Mets & PEEPS..Happy Easter


Easter Sunday, like the week preceding was yet another day filled with cloudy skies and showers.

Having sat through the torrential rains of Tuesday night and the Friday night storm that brought several tornados and severe property damage to the northern part of the St. Louis area (including the airport), I looked forward to a respite that often comes with the Easter dawn and a nice outdoor barbecue with my daughter, her fiance and his family. Of course not…instead we spent much of a rainy and cool Sunday afternoon crammed into my daughter’s small house (and kitchen) with 6 other adults and 3 under 10 year old kids….

Luckily before leaving the house for our sojourn into south St. Louis city I was able to watch the Mets build a nice 8-1 lead on the strength of a pair of David Wright homers and the first round tripper of Jason Pridie’s MLB career. Being a forever Mets fan I certainly was not content with the knowledge that the black jerseyed (Yuck...Especially on a Sunday, Easter Sunday at that and at home) Mets would be able to finish off this win for Jon Niese after his solid seven innings of work. As the kids searched for these filled plastic eggs hidden under beds and behind sofa cushions I openly kept up with the game on the At Bat app on my phone only to see the now, newly departed DJ Carrasco quickly give up back to back doubles resulting in a run to make the score 8-4 with no outs before getting a fly out and being replaced by Tim Byrdak who closed the door in the eighth and got one out in the ninth before Ryota Igarashi finished off a Mets sweep of the Diamondbacks and a four game winning streak heading into Monday’s off day.

This knowledge of the Mets win now securely tucked away allowed me to enjoy the rest of the rain soaked afternoon, kids and inane conversation with the future in laws. (I do enjoy the banter with Greg's dad and the pork steaks were a nice treat for me as well)

I was even in such a good mood that I decided to introduce the “in laws” to one of our family traditions. The blowing up of the “PEEPS”

Microwaving the brightly colored sugar coated marshmallow treats until they expand to at least 4 times their original size before “exploding” and flattening. This year I splurged and got blue and orange peeps…LOL

New in Packages

In Microwave


The kids and I enjoyed this Easter activity and couldn’t get enough. (My daughter and her now filthy/sticky microwave, not so much).

As the Mets and Cards both head out on the road on highs after the Cards took 2 of 3 over the weekend from the Reds here in St. Louis, I see that the forecast is for more freaking rain until Friday.

It is nice to see Mets GM Sandy Alderson make the decision to demote Carrasco thus giving Dillon Gee an well deserved opportunity with the big club following his 2 impressive starts while filling in for the injured Chris young.

Anyway at least I’ll be in a decent frame of mind as the Mets sit on the edge of winning their tenth game of the season heading into Washington to face the "should beat" (according to Mets bloggers..lol) Nationals and won’t have to sit in a wet Busch stadium until May 2nd as the Cardinals will face recent nemesis Bud Norris and the Astros in Houston on the first leg of their road trip starting tomorrow..

Hoping everyone had as enjoyable an Easter Sunday as I, Let’s Go Mets and Redbirds….

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