April 7, 2011

The Pelfplosion Dilemma...

Mike Pelfrey, the anointed Mets Ace in the absence of Johan Santana stopped by the pitcher’s mound at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philly last night. Mikey who was not good in his first start of 2011 just 5 days earlier in Florida, managed to stick around long enough to chuck 50 so called big league pitches toward the plate at which stood various and numerous salivating Philly hitters. 50 pitches...50 pitches, from the staff “ace.” Apparently according to all reports, Mike “just didn’t have it” and so was removed after being unable to record an out from any of the four batters he faced in the Phils’ 3rd inning. While a Ryan Howard home run can be noted as “that’s going to happen”, a pitcher who refuses to bear down and increase his focus and intensity following such, has no place acting up when a bloop off the bat of Pete Orr (Who? Oh that guy who was a Brave and a Nat in the last 2 years) falls in between his shortstop and left fielder just after a “visit” from his pitching coach.

When Pelfrey left the bases loaded for Taylor Buchholz the Phillies were smelling blood and opposing pitcher Joe Blanton drove in two of those runners with a hard single to left. And Placido Polanco plated the final charged Pelfrey run with a single. Doesn’t it always seem that opposing pitchers fatten up their typical paltry offensive stats against the Mets? Just thinking out loud.

I think we Mets fans have seen these types of atrocities in the past but they’ve primarily been performed by Francisco Rodriguez in his typical 1 inning shows of inanity. He’s thrown about 50 pitches in an inning I’m pretty certain.

I’ve questioned Pelfrey’s fortitude and intensity for much of his career and these latest foibles have done nothing to alter those sentiments.

The Mets rally to come back and tie the score thus taking Pelfrey off the hook for the loss was the lone bright spot of the night and season thus far for the right hander.

Maybe it’s time for Pelfrey to skip a turn and work on something. I don’t think you even consider moving a player who is struggling, especially when that player is your “Ace”. Mechanics, Attitude, Focus, something needs to be done to avoid the type of embarrassment witnessed last night. And Soon.

It’s unconventional sure, but with his steady performances and obvious intensity, maybe RA Dickey fresh off signing a new contract would have been better suited to be selected by the NEW regime as the Opening Day starter oh wait he will be the Home Opening Day Starter.

On another note, if this tedium of Carlos Beltran needing to not be in the lineup for day games following night games is going to be a season long obstacle, then move him now. I don’t see any point in having a guy who is unable to play the outfield on a daily basis especially one who, thus far, has looked tentative at times. I don’t want to lose the talent of a Beltran but quite simply he stated that he was healthy at the start of camp and then developed tendinitis, missed most of the exhibition games and is still “gimpy” I’ll give him a break for a few weeks but having a key guy miss ¼ of your team’s games is roster debilitating. He’s not Babe Ruth.

Ok time for Doc Halladay to relive the OK Corral experience in the manner of his "namesake". Just wound him severely, don't kill him like the McLaury's were.

Hoping the Mets can head up the NJ Turnpike back to Flushing for a meet up with some of my favorite Mets fans at Citi Field tomorrow on a winning note and still in first place

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