April 13, 2011

No Mets Baseball...Average Joes..Stars of Tuesday Night

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 was beautiful, sunny 70 plus degree day here in St. Louis.

Unfortunately the eastern seaboard all the way to Pittsburgh saw drenching rains causing the Yankees, Mets and Pirates to cancel their scheduled games for Tuesday night. These postponements on top of the news that Josh Hamilton (a part of 4 of my fantasy teams) had been severely injured (enough to have the Texas Rangers projecting that he’ll be out for 8 weeks) put a crimp into my Tuesday evening plans of chatting about the Mets game with other fans and enjoying an Average Joes Skype chat (A Regular audio chat, usually held on Tuesday nights discussing Mets baseball and sports in general).

Since there was no game there would be no chat, but a few of us decided to forge ahead with our Average Joes chat via Skype. My regular pals Christina and Adriel were willing to talk some Mets baseball, a little Knicks basketball and yes Adriel even listened to some NY Ranger and NJ Devils “hockey talk”. We discussed at length the dreary atmosphere at Citi Field from the Opening Day game from last Friday and the continued “appearance” of an empty ballpark plus the on field ineptitude of the team. Soon another regular Sam popped in for some more banter and before we knew it our fellow Mets Chat regular Cynthia had inquired on Twitter about getting into our little group to which she was quickly welcomed.

We waited and waited …and waited for another “Mets Buddy” Joni to make an appearance but the NY born “West Coast Witch” Mets chat regular offered up “working out” as an excuse this week as a change up from her usual lame “Sorry, its Taco Tuesday” justification. (Kidding, Really)

After we’d basically worn out our whining about the Mets woes, the discussion turned to ancillary things such as my inability to use Twitter on my new phone and other assorted topics until “good ole” Dave tweeted in from McFadden’s looking to join our little group. Try as he might Dave just couldn’t get to actually speak with us and was forced to type away in the chat message box until it was time for me to check out the end of the Cardinals debacle in the desert against the D Backs.

Despite no Mets baseball, it was really neat to fill the void just “hanging out” with some folks I’ve gotten to know via Twitter and now have a stronger appreciation and fondness for the people behind the pictures and nicknames of the Twitter World.“

As for the baseball, I look forward to the Mets dodging the raindrops Wednesday to play the Rockies at Citi Field before hosting them in a double header (I really miss the old Banner Day scheduled double dips at Shea) on Thursday afternoon.

The Cardinals have to be reeling a bit after staff ace Chris Carpenter was roughed up for 8 runs over just four innings last night. The Redbirds and Cardinal Nation should also be feeling a bit more relaxed as the team has scored 22 runs over the past three games and yes, Albert Pujols had three hits in last night’s loss. The manner in which Cards manager Tony LaRussa allowed youngster Bryan Augenstein to be a sacrificial lamb in the 6th and 7th innings after the D Back extended a one run lead to a 5 run cushion really had me concerned since the kid had been quite effective until last night. As always the door is open for criticism by while we wait to see what effect, if any, this tactic from “La Genius” and his henchman Dave Duncan will have going forward.

As for my Fantasy teams, a replacement for Josh Hamilton and juggling lineups for the upcoming doubleheaders will be my dubious tasks.

If you love the Mets, baseball, sports and enjoy just like interacting with other fans, don’t be shy, contact me via this site or on Twitter @ajgmets or contact one of the “STARS” in the picture above..And don’t forget Mets Live in Game chats can be found here or via Chatroll.

Here’s hoping the Mets can get some extended starting pitching over the next few days and possibly score a few RISP and that Albert Pujols keeps getting back to being ALBERT PUJOLS.

As Always

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