April 16, 2011

Every Game Counts..Ask The Braves..

Carlos Beltran who holds one of the top three career slugging averages at Turner Field has already had the equivalent of 3 days off this week.

Beltran and his 5th place Mets “teammates” will take on the fourth place Braves in the Mets second doubleheader in 3 days. The fact that Carlos has been getting the day off following night games would technically point to his being in the lineup for both games today. His referenced success in Atlanta should make it imperative that he play in all three of the weekend’s games. If the player and manager decide that Beltran is unable to playing all three of these games, quite simply the Mets and their sheep (media) need to shut their collective mouths when it comes to complaining about the Braves taking advantage of the Mets weak bullpen by scheduling the makeup of yesterday’s rainout as a doubleheader today instead of during one of New York’s subsequent returns to Turner Field. The Braves apparently understand that games in April are as important as games in September. It gets old when I read that Beltran cannot play and then we see, how can I put this gently, the “adventures” of Scott Hairston and the since departed Lucas Duda as they attempt to patrol right field. It’s tough enough to watch Willie Harris being unable to look like a big league outfielder since his departure from Washington, but watching what appeared to be the contagiously similar bad play of Angel Pagan on Thursday should force the Mets to play Beltran.

I doubt we’ll see Beltran play all three of these games because I honestly don’t believe the Mets hierarchy (unlike the winning atmospheric Braves) understands the importance of winning at all costs in April. This was abundantly clear following the 5th inning Troy Tulowitzki home run on Wednesday when the manager “didn’t walk the red hot shortstop because the Mets need to build the confidence of Jon Niese”. That and the fact that Collins publicly acknowledged that he didn’t know what pitch was called for and thrown should make every Mets fan uneasy regarding his handling of the ballclub.

Sounds negative doesn’t it? Actually it’s realistic. This team and its “new regime” is showing few signs of the promised improved fundamental play and winning atmosphere. “Almost Comebacks” DO NOT COUNT!!

The Mets should and must adopt the philosophy of winning franchises and build a roster that can be utilized by the manager and not manipulated by players who can’t play 3 days in a row and hog tied by ownership and its personal non baseball related issues.

As the old saying goes as this team enters the 14th game of the season “either s*** or get off the pot.” The baseball adage of it being a marathon not a sprint is true for the majority of teams, but when a team in New York City puts out a publicity campaign of change for the better as the Mets did this offseason and then shows such malaise while presenting the appearance of being the “same old Mets”, every game must be approached as a win at all costs match. It’s not just Hockey where “EVERY GAME COUNTS”.

Oh and St. Louis Cardinals fans come on out...Albert's BAAACK He's getting by with a little help from Fat Elvis now!


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