April 20, 2011

Day/Night Doubleheader ..Part Night

I attended game 1 of day night doubleheader at Busch Stadium...8-6 Nationals over Cardinals in front of an announced crowd of over 30,000...

This is ridiculous..at least tell the folks that this number is the number of tickets sold and not the number of fans that went through the gates.. There were no more than 8,000 in the building for this make up of last night's rain out...It's tough enough getting youngsters involved in baseball ..and the insult to their intelligences..and visual perception skills is only adding to the "dumbing down" of our youth and potential fans of the great game of Baseball..

The nonsense involved in leaving the stadiumbetween games is also a bone of contention for me. As I was standing at the urinal for my normal post game relief an usher was standing near the doorway telling folks to hurry up and that we had to get out. This isn't some bar at closing time.

I must admit that this was the first "bad" experience I've ever encountered at Busch.

As I prepare my return for game 2 (leaving the noise of the local Hooters) I look forward to a night of watching the Cardinals in person, the Mets on MLB.TV and a stream of the NY Rangers playoff game.

And of course ..Chatting with my fellow Mets fans right here!!!

Let's Go Mets, Let's Go Rangers & Go Cards..

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