April 20, 2011

Day Night Doubleheader

Following last night's little storm at Busch Stadium, I'll be making an effort to attend both games of today's day and night games.

Luckily I have tickets for today's regularly scheduled game and won't have an issue with double entry (although it'd be far easier to stay in the ballpark between games of a normal doubleheader with a 30 minute break between games)

But others are not as fortunate..

The "invention" of the day night doubleheader is another example of the greed exemplified by money grubbing owners throughout professional sports. If the purported intention is to avoid travel problems involved or player issues in rescheduling the postponed game, TOUGH. Get over it.. Make the game more fan friendly and allow any fan who has a ticket to the rained out game entrance into either game of the doubleheader at no additional charge. Find them a seat ...Tough to do? Maybe.... It's the right thing to do!!

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