April 21, 2011

Citi Field ...Busch Stadium

Y’all know I’m a Mets fan first and foremost and will be forever.

I was reading a blog from a friend of mine http://bit.ly/hTStI6 who posted some pictures of a dark, dreary, empty Citi Field. The pictures of Citi Field depict a lifeless almost sad image of nothingness. No offense is intended toward the photographer, the pictures are fine, or the Mets faithful who continue paying to watch embarrassing “baseball”.

As many know, I live in St. Louis and as such attend many Cardinals games if only for the facts that


b. The Franchise treats its fans well

c. The ballpark is easily accessible for me and I’ve made numerous friends among the staff.

d. The home team normally plays “good” baseball and finally

Busch Stadium clad in mostly red with a determined effort to celebrate the franchise’s rich history is never as dreary looking as the views you presented (Even during the massive hail and rainstorm I encountered Tuesday night.


It’s just something about the way the ballpark and Cardinal Nation presents itself that always makes the atmosphere seem inviting even when there are only a few thousand in the seats as was the case during yesterday’s makeup game.

Another aspect of the Mets franchise and all of its misgivings is the fact that the ballpark just doesn't seem METLIKE. Not much traditional Mets orange and blue.

I also think too much is made of the use of "alternate" uniform colors. Sorry black doesn't seem Mets like.

In my opinion, and I’ve only been to the new park twice, many more symbolic links to Shea Stadium and the history of the ball club would only serve to enhance the image and overall feeling of the tradition of Mets Baseball in Flushing.

I know many complain about Keith Hernandez when he refers to St. Louis as being the best baseball city but quite frankly I have little evidence to disprove his thoughts.

If you’re thinking "Traitor", I do indeed wear my Mets gear to Busch Stadium and get nothing but good natured kidding. I doubt the reverse would be true in Citi Field.

I call myself a displaced NJ Mets fan, but honestly I'd be hard pressed to find a better BASEBALL town in which to be "forced" to live and attend MLB games.

It doesn't hurt that the ticket prices are almost reasonable either.

Oh and by the Way ..LET'S GO METS..Baseball Please not the nonsense we've witnessed over the first 3 weeks of 2011.

I'll get to the Ryan Franklin comments later...hoo boy...

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