April 6, 2011

Another Night at the Ballpark ..Charade?

Visiting Busch Stadium for the second time in this new 2011 season was again a great experience. My ability to sit in the environment of a live MLB game in St. Louis while watching and talking about the New York Mets big series opener against the Phillies with my fellow Mets fans via a chat from my blog site made the evening all the more enjoyable. (Thanks Technology) The fact that the Mets were able to put up a big crooked number against the dreaded Phillies in the third inning and got an impressive pitching performance from Chris Young and were able to finish off a good 7-1 victory putting them into an earlier perch atop the NL East standings.

While all that was going on in Citizens “Bankrupt” (to steal a phrase from WFAN-NY overnight host Steve Somers) Park, the hometown Cardinals were able to come back from a 1st inning 2 run deficit that came on the power of a 2 run homer off the bat of Lyle Overbay, to score the game winning run in the seventh on an RBI single from….wait for it..Who else? Albert Pujols.

I had packed up and was headed for the train when the Redbirds’ Colby Rasmus followed a one out walk to Ryan Theriot with a single putting the go ahead run on third with Pujols striding to the plate. It’s hard to believe, but I was headed for the ramp when my usher friends Mike and Jim held me up saying I had to wait for Pujols to hit. Sure enough, Albert came through with his third hit of the young season leading to the victory which sent the Busch crowd home happy. Of course the unfolding of this event caused me to miss my train resulting in my having to catch the next one which dominoed into my wife having to pick me up later. That’s never a good thing... LOL...

Speaking of the crowd at the ballpark and the charade that is the announced attendance at MLB stadiums I have a few concerns about this in relation to the dumbing down of our world. . As I was heading out into the street on my way to the Metrolink station I overheard a child of about 12 ask his Dad how could there have been over thirty three thousand fans announced at the game when the stadium holds 46,000 and it looked over half empty. The Dad a bit unskilled at diplomacy or merely uninformed replied “I don’t know, I guess its how many tickets they sold”, to which the kid asked, “Then why do they even make you go through the turnstile counters at the gate?” At this point I was tempted to walk up and congratulate this young man for his deductive sense of reasoning but thought better of it as I was already late for the train I missed anyway. As I sat on the train I thought more about this and came to realize that the game isn’t for the young anymore nor is it aimed at the naive or uncaring which certainly doesn’t bode well for the future generations of baseball and its continued import upon our society. I guess it goes back to the childlike innocence of “things are what they are and it is what it is...simply BECAUSE. Great answer don’t you think? Dumb breeds dumber.

Enough of my posturing on the evils of education and truth and hope for the future...

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