March 8, 2011


In response to the finale of what has been an enjoyable series from my friend Ed Marcus, aka Rusty Jr. of "The Real Dirty Mets Blog" , I have a few comments on the culmination of his project which has unveiled:

“The GREATEST MET of ALL TIME” George Thomas Seaver

“The Franchise”…Not much else need be said about the man, Tom Seaver.

Rarely in professional sports can one player be so truly designated.

This inanity of the NFL’s “franchise tag” is a slap in the face of the true definition of the term as it is used in describing “Tom Terrific”. Quite simply in all of sports I’m hard pressed to name a single player other than possibly Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls) who’s name is the first impression one gets when the club is mentioned.

Tom Seaver’s power pitching and his unbelievable performances in being the centerpiece of the Mets first World Series title and in my opinion, bringing the first genuine credibility to the franchise earned him this honor and makes him the standard by which all former, present and future Mets should and must be compared.

I know that I along with legions of Mets fans was brought to tears the day the news was broken that Mets Chairman M. Donald Grant had singlehandedly doomed the organization for more than a decade by trading “The Franchise” to the Cincinnati Reds on June 15, 1977.

The Hall of Famer’s numbers speak volumes as Tom earned 3 Cy Young Awards (he also finished 2nd twice and 3rd once), 12 All Star berths, 6 Strikeout Titles and 3 ERA Crowns (including a 1.76 in 1971) among others.

Having received several mementos and being fortunate enough to have met Seaver and quite a few other members of the team in 1969 at a Mets/Daily News World Series celebration dinner in November 1969, I received this now, somewhat wrinkled print that night. It is one of my favorite memories and is displayed prominently as the key focal point in my sports room.

His return to Flushing for the 1983 season while a great sight for Mets fans, proved troubling for Seaver as he took the mound 34 times, winning 9 games for a dismal Mets club which won only 68 games that year.

Tom’s immense stature as a player along with his integrity as a man makes him by far “THE GREATEST MET of ALL TIME”

Sadly Mets Spring Training 2011 continues in ridiculous fashion.

Unfortunately I have to bring up the fact that not only will Oliver Perez get another start today in a split squad game vs the Astros, while the Carlos Beltran saga grows as he has been diagnosed with tendinitis in his left knee (not the right which was surgically repaired last January) and will not be available for any activity for at least the nex 5 days per the Mets. This comes on the heels of Beltran not playing or even DHing in yesterdays 2-1 loss to the Tigers due to "good soreness" in his right knee.

Here's hoping that the medical staff and the information that is released is truthful.

As Always "Let's GO METS" in both split squad grapefruit league game set for this afternoon...

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